There’s money in them there online coupons

Melbourne-based company Stateless Systems is doing good business with a new website selling coupons – like a shopper docket for online – through its website RetailMeNot .

According to Techcrunch, RetailMeNot offers 71,000 coupons from 13,000 merchants and is adding 200 to 300 new coupons a day and 300 to 400 new comments per day, all of which has seen traffic and revenue grew at 20% per month through 2007. In fact, the participation side of the site has been so successful that a social network, RetailMeNot Shopping Community, has now been added to the site.

Stateless Systems’ Guy King told Techcrunch that RetailMeNot has grown from a self-funded start-up to now have an income from advertising and affiliate sales fees of approximately $10 million per month, and is “profitable in seven figures”.


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