Top 10 apps for advertising executives

Courtesy of Tom Martin from Advertising, here are 10 of the best iPhone applications for those working to get ahead in the advertising world.


10. iBeer. This application turn the iPhone screen into a virtual beer that can be “drunk” when tipped on the phone’s side. Great fun for a Friday afternoon.

9. Shazam. Combines social networking with music and allows you to search, purchase and share tracks with contacts.

8. Twittelator Pro. This application allows users to update their Twitter feeds on the go, and has fuelled the reputation of the site for providing lightening-fast updates from major world events.

7. Facebook. Uses the same concept was Twittelator, and allows users to perform all the same functions as the Facebook site without accessing it directly.

6. Files. This app lets users create a file tree and carry important documents no matter where you are, and even syncs via wi-fi.

5. WhereTraveller. Updates security wait times at airports, and provides information on your destination such as restaurants, entertainment and shopping, as well as airline and rental car agency phone numbers.

4. Google Reader. Allows users to read subscribed blogs in a neat, fashionable application.

3. OmniFocus. This task management application allows you to create to do lists, as well as sync with documents on your desktop.

2. ExpenseTrkr. This app is pretty self explanatory, and even has the ability to document receipts via the phone’s camera function. Great for keeping track of business expenses.

1. Lightsaber Unleashed. No practical purpose, but allows you to create a lightsabre on the phone’s screen and wave it around, complete with authentic Star Wars noises. Once again, great for Friday afternoons. 


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