TV ads take a big hit

The old shop window is still the most powerful promotional channel, with TV slipping further behind and noticed by fewer people than it was 18 months ago, according to media agency Mindshare.

The looked at the impact of 96 media channels on 1600 Australians. The study shows that TV commercials slipped from 61% to 57% while 66% of people noticed the shop window. About half the respondents also noticed in-store displays, large billboards and posters.

Coffee cups and sandwich bags also made it into the top 20 media.

The study also looked at the power of word-of-mouth, including friends, experts and family, which are noticed by 81% of people. The most powerful word-of-mouth recommendations were from friends.

Search engine advertising was the most powerful internet promotional channel followed by email, news websites and video hosting.


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