Web 2.0 a popular marketing tool

 Web 2.0 tools such as blogs and forums are increasingly being used by direct marketers to get their message across, according to a new Direct Marketing Association study reported by Marketing Charts.

According to the survey of 160 marketers, blogs are the most commonly used new media tool, followed by online video, user-generated content and social networks.

Just over 80% of respondents said they use web 2.0 tools for indirect objectives such as raising brand awareness and building brand preference. But they also use web 2.0 for a more direct sales role – 83% said they use web 2.0 tools to generate sales.

Web 2.0 is also being used to perform its classic customer feedback role, with 85% of marketers rating it as a highly effective tool for engaging and communicating with customers.

But marketers are still not spending huge amounts on web 2.0 – 82% of respondents said they spend a quarter of their marketing budgets or less in that area.


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