Website names best small business books

US business website Small Business Trends has come up with a list of its best small business books of the last 12 months. The site says its selections were made on books that were fresh and “remarkable in some way”.

Here are the top five:

  1. Groundswell. Written by two Forrester analysts and based on actual research with real companies of all sizes, SBT says this book introduces you to the world of social media and online communities.
  2. 7 triggers to yes. SBT said this was “by far, THE most practical book on the subject of sales and marketing influence and persuasion”.
  3. Neuromarketing. This book is subtitled: “Understanding the buy buttons in your customer’s brain.” SBT says this book highlights how the right sales and marketing messages can bring a response from that part of the brain that decides to buy.
  4. Illusions of entrepreneurship. This book sets out to crack many of the myths around being an entrepreneur, using hard data to show some of the characteristics of successful entrepreneurs.
  5. Buyology. This book is based on research where MRI scanners were used to record brain activity and study which products and ad messages evoke the most favourable response. SBT calls it “a fun and insightful read”.

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