Women “overlooked, under utilised and untapped”

A report from the Federal Government’s Equal Opportunity for Women in the Workplace agency says employers are failing to provide workplaces that enable women to fully participate.


The research, based on a survey of more than 1650 people, revealed that:


  • Over a third of women left their last job because of frustrations due to a lack of career development and progression.
  • A quarter of women surveyed do not feel that their current employers provide them with a career path.
  • 16% do not believe they are afforded sufficient learning and development opportunities.
  • 45% believe their organisations does not genuinely support work/life balance.
  • 42% feel that they do not have access to flexible work conditions.


EOWA director Anna McPhee says: “Businesses need to make sure that all staff – male and female – have a genuine ability to work flexibly, have equal access to training and development and that there is real pay equity before the decisions made in the home about roles and responsibilities can truly be said to be equitable.”


It’s not just women who feel that workplaces are unequal – 21% of men do not believe that women and men are treated equally in their workplace and 46% of men (and 43% of women) feel that their workplace can be “a bit of a boys club”.


McPhee argues that if women are fully engaged and provided with proper career paths they will be able to help boost Australia’s productivity and economic growth.


Perhaps at least part of the answer to the skills crisis could lie under our noses.


Visit Women’s Agenda for more news and advice for professional women.







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