YouTube Blu-Ray player

While it’s a long way before DVD sales will be bumped off the map by Blu-Ray, manufacturers are pumping up the features of new Blu-Ray players to convince customers to switch.

One of the most recent players, the LG BD370, not only plays both Blu-Ray and DVD discs, but also allows users to access YouTube footage through a built-in ethernet connection.

“In an Australian first, BD370 users can stream online media from YouTube with high-speed internet, allowing access to a wide range of videos, all search enabled through the remote control.

“Stylish, high-end design catches the eye and maintains elegance in the home. The centre panel light changes colour to indicate the format currently in use; BD Live titles glow blue, changing to orange for DVDs and violet for CDs.”

The new player, which features LG smart technology, will be released in Australia this month for around $449.  


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