Beers, books and bods: Aussie businesses get into the spirit for Father’s Day

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As this Sunday fast approaches, along with it comes attempts by businesses and brands at some classic Father’s Day marketing. Some manage to hit the mark, while others can fall a bit short.

While a bargain from the fire sale at Woolworths’ failed hardware chain Masters might be enough for some dads, brands are also targeting those buying for less DIY-inclined dads.

Australians spent upwards of $750 million on Father’s Day in 2014, but this amount is almost half of what was spent on Mother’s Day in 2015, with Australians splashing out $1.3 billion on our lucky mums.

Have you seen any other great Father’s Day marketing efforts by businesses? Let us know in the comments below.

1. Bonds promotes the humble dad bod

This year underwear brand Bonds has tackled the ‘dad bod’ phenomenon, looking at the pressing and serious issue that plagues dads everywhere. Choosing to compare the dad bod to a woman’s post-pregnancy body, the brand takes a humorous approach to the classic “socks and undies” gift for dads.

The message “my kids have given me so many happy memories. And chins,” is superimposed on an image of a dad with a softer-than-average body, reports Mumbrella. The longer advertisement features a number of dads talking about the struggles of living with a ‘dad bod’.

“I just want my pre-baby body back,” laments one of the dads.

2. We wish you a Merry Hismas

Despite shutting down its stand-alone physical stores in July last year, the ABC Shop is still going strong with its Father’s Day advertising. This year the retailer chose to ditch the norm and celebrate an alternative holiday known as ‘Hismas’, which some customers are unhappy about.

“I really do not like the hijacking of ‘Christmas’ in this instance of ‘hismas’. Bad form ABC,” wrote one customer on the store’s Facebook page.

3. MAF flies high with “dad joke” campaign

The Mission Aviation Fellowship has released a video on its Facebook page showing a number of pilots and mechanics sharing their favourite “dad jokes”. Many of them are entertaining, but a couple are just a bit ‘plane’.

The organisation provides medical support and aid to remote communities, and hopes that the campaign will encourage more people to purchase “fuel for Father’s Day”. The initiative allows purchase of fuel for the MAF’s planes as a gift for Father’s Day.

4. Endota Spa helps consumers categorise their dads

Many consumers may have a hard time choosing between “Daddy Cool” and “Old Man”, but Endota Spa in Berwick has an offering for all dads this Father’s Day. One offer is the ‘Endota Bloke Voucher’, although a ‘man facial’ could be on the cards for your resident “Sensitive New Age Papa”.

5. McDonald’s highlights fathers’ sacrifices

McDonald’s has shone the spotlight on the sacrifices made by fathers, saying “parents give up so much in exchange for that little bundle of joy”. The fast food brand opted for a short advertisement showing a motorbike being replaced by a pram, and a ‘man shed’ being turned into a nursery.

“Once a year, on Father’s Day, it’s all about dad,” says the description. With that much dressing up, dads definitely deserve it.

6. M.J. Bale calls for ‘Rad Dads’

With a clever play on words, luxury menswear brand M.J. Bale is advertising itself as a “one stop shop for you and pop,” and hopes to entice “rad Dads and lads”.

7. Tavlin restaurant entices Game of Thrones Fans

With a reference that only Game of Thrones fans will understand, Tavlin Middle Eastern Restaurant in Melbourne is hoping to entice hungry dads and sons in this Sunday.

Hopefully Australian Dad’s will be experiencing a happier story this Father’s Day, with all of their children present and unburnt.

8. Allen & Unwin advises to read responsibly

Book retailer and publisher Allen & Unwin is holding a Father’s Day competition to win the ultimate dad pack consisting of life’s essentials: books and beer.

The brand also advises hopeful entrants and dads everywhere to “drink and read responsibly”, highlighting the similarities between beer and books, both of which can draw you in and make you completely forget where you are.

9. Lowes calls on legends for dad ad

Menswear retailers Lowes captured some sporting talent for its Father’s Day advertising, recruiting NRL greats Darryl Brohman, Paul Sironen, and Curtis Sironen. The ad shows the three attempting to fish at the local pier, but unfortunately forgetting essentials such as food, bait, and drinks.

Thankfully, some “Father’s Day bargains” such as colourful Hawaiian shirts should help to attract the fish.


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