Business Victoria Marketing Plan

This marketing plan is from the Business Victoria website.

Writing a marketing plan

Working out how your marketing strategies will fit together is an important part of planning your business. A marketing plan lists your key marketing strategies and explains how each one will work, how much they will cost and how the strategies support each other. Things to consider when writing a marketing plan are:

  • price: will you price as a quality item, or try to undercut the competition, or encourage bulk buying(‘buy one get one free’)
  • advertising: will you include the internet, print or other media?
  • direct marketing: will you contact by mail, email or phone?
  • public relations: should you have a public launch or press release, or sponsor a community group?
  • trade shows or events: how will you assess customer interest?
  • customer service: how can you be assured of good word of mouth (money back guarantee, customer loyalty club)?

Use the following interactive template to complete a marketing plan which you can adjust to suit your businesses needs.

Marketing Plan Template
A generic marketing plan which can be adapted to suit your company’s needs. Please save to your computer and ensure your macros setting is turned on.

Download Business Victoria’s Guide to Writing a Marketing Plan.



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