Five tools to help schedule social media posts for your business

Five tools to help schedule social media posts for your business


Social media is an invaluable marketing tool for small businesses.

However, not all social media posts are created equal and it’s important to schedule your content at the right time.

For example, is the majority of your audience more likely to be checking social media first thing in the morning, or later at night when they are winding down from a long day at the office?


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Either way, it’s impractical for SMEs to update all their social media accounts in real-time.

With this in mind, here are some tools to help get on top of social media in 2016.


1. Hootsuite

Social media dashboard Hootsuite has been around since 2008, so it must be doing something right.

The platform allows you to schedule posts for sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram while easily monitoring who is linking to your website so you can interact with them.

You can use Hootsuite for free and operate up to three social media profiles at once or upgrade for $10.99 a month in exchange for more options, including vanity URLs.


2. TweetDeck

TweetDeck is one of the most popular tools for scheduling Twitter posts.

The power of TweetDeck lies in its columns.

While Twitter only has a few readily available – such as the timeline and notification tabs – TweetDeck allows you to view multiple columns at once to keep track of everything in real-time.

The platform also allows you to schedule tweets at one-minute intervals, unlike some other services where you have to schedule posts at five-minute blocks.


3. ScheduGram

ScheduGram is a third-party app designed to help people schedule posts on Instagram.

Built in Australia, the platform allows you to upload high-definition photos, which it will automatically resize inside the Instagram app.  

ScheduGram is especially helpful because Instagram doesn’t have a built-in scheduling feature.

While the service does offer a seven-day free trial, it will set you back at least $20 a month depending on how many followers you have.


4. Buffer

Buffer is a scheduling tool used by around 2 million social media marketers worldwide.

The idea is to allow businesses to schedule content at the best possible times of the day to make sure posts are seen by as many people as possible.

The service works for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest and boasts a built-in image creation tool with a range of fonts to choose from.

Buffer is free for individuals managing a single social media profile but will set small businesses back at least $50 a month.


5. Facebook pages

It’s important to note that Facebook allows you to schedule posts.

As well as being able to set the time and date of a post, Facebook allows you to limit who sees it in order to target a specific demographic.

The Facebook scheduling tool is easy to use and free for anyone with a Facebook account.

To schedule your next Facebook post, click on the drop down menu next to the publish button and set the date and time you would like your post to go out. 


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