Manager causes 200 beer cans to be recalled and is named employee of the month for his efforts

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At most businesses, deliberately causing 200 products to be recalled could be enough to prompt disciplinary action, or at least an official warning.

But not at Scottish craft brewery, BrewDog.

According to the Sun, earlier this year the brewery’s packaging manager Graeme Wallace decided to have some fun after the brand was accused of not being “punk enough”, choosing to change the wording of the bottom of a batch of cans of the brand’s Punk IPA beer to read “MOTHER F****R DAY”.

The message was discovered once the batch had been shipped out to customers, some of which took to Twitter to ask the brand if all the cans were labelled that way.

The cans were subsequently recalled.

But a spokesperson for BrewDog told the Sun Wallace would not find himself in any trouble as a result of the joke.

“At another company, someone responsible for a prank like this might have been given the heave ho,” they said.

“At BrewDog, Graeme was awarded Employee of the Month.”


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