Automated marketing helps you to attract new customers with less labour. Source: Unsplash/Dan-Cristian Pădureț

Ronan Bray

Cheat sheet: Five marketing, automation, and growth tools worth using

Ronan Bray
4 minute Read

Over the past 13 years, having been involved in marketing and growth for technology companies as well as my own startups, I have seen tremendous change in both the marketing disciplines’ impact on business as well as the availability of tools to fast-track company growth. 

The role of marketers has changed significantly with the huge shift from traditional marketing to digital marketing. COVID has affected company strategies everywhere and for marketers it has meant seeking new and improved ways of transporting their message to their target audience, often with a reduced headcount or budget.

One of the first places to start was assessing the technologies and tools used to drive growth, marketing, automation and ultimately, revenue.

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