Creating compelling, killer headlines is easy!

Is it colours, movement, snazzy pictures that get the conversions? Nope. It’s words, every time. CHRIS THOMAS

Chris Thomas

By Chris Thomas


Headings have a huge role to play in the success of your site. A great heading captures your visitor and connects her to your opening paragraph; which is the moment you begin to make your offer (which is what I’m doing right now). Read the rest of this article!

So here are a couple of heading ideas that might help your site improve conversions and sales.

Design vs message

You can sit around all day long debating the design of your site or landing page, but the bottom line is that the simplicity of your messaging will encourage visitors to engage with you more often than not. Test after test has shown that a clear heading will get them in every time.

Question vs statement

Starting your landing page with a question is a classic heading method which works.

Another method is making a simple statement. In practice this can take the form of: “Need help with headings?” vs “Heading creation made easy”.

So what works best?

Actually I have no idea! The way you find out for your website and your visitors is to test. The easiest way is to use Google Ads. Create two variations in a Google Ad and measure which one gets the most click-throughs.


If you’re a bit more serious, use A/B split testing on two versions of a landing page with the two heading variations. You’ll soon find out by analysing which version encourages your visitors convert to in higher numbers than the other.

Summing up, the secret to a great heading is not to sell, but offer a solution to a problem while being clear, compelling and credible.

It’s not easy; so test, test, and test some more, until conversions improve. A little bit of effort in the short term will pay dividends in the long run!


Chris Thomas heads Reseo, a search engine optimisation company which specialises in creating and maintaining Google AdWords campaigns and Search Engine Optimisation campaigns for a range of corporate clients.

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