Dick Smith customers take to Facebook to complain about late orders and poor customer service

Dick Smith customers take to Facebook to complain about late orders and poor customer service


Electronics retailer Dick Smith is copping heat from angry customers on Facebook this week over claims online orders have not been delivered for weeks and customer service representatives have hung up the phone on customers who’ve rang to complain.

However, it’s not unusual for all retailers to receive higher levels of complaints at this time of the year. 

Dick Smith rolled out a supposedly “mammoth” sale earlier this month, after opting to write down the value of its inventories by 20% or $60 million.

Along with deep discounts on older stock in its bricks-and-mortar stores, Dick Smith also offered shoppers a 48-hour sale from its online store.

But complaints posted to the Dick Smith page this week indicate some shoppers are not impressed. 

Since Monday close to 100 complaints have been posted to the Dick Smith Facebook page, concerning issues with online orders that have not arrived, incorrect orders being delivered to customers, orders being taken when the stock is not available and tales of shoppers being left on hold for hours or being hung up on when they have called Dick Smith’s customer support line.

In some cases, customers have said they ordered via the “click and collect” function on the Dick Smith website only to be later told that the stock they ordered and paid for was either not available at the specified store or not available at all.


no wonder you are going out of business. i ordered 4 headsets from your online store. checked they are available. get…

Posted by Cameron Douglas on Thursday, 17 December 2015



I ordered a kindle paperwhite on December 1st as an xmas present. No email confirmation for over a week. Waited on…

Posted by Neil Milne on Thursday, 17 December 2015



How disappointed I am with Dick Smith, I paid for and ordered a Xmas train set for my grandson’s first xmas, a week or…

Posted by Sandra Bromley on Thursday, 17 December 2015


The retailer has responded to complaints and several Facebook users have posted follow up comments to say their issues have been resolved.

A spokesperson for Dick Smith told SmartCompany the company is “committed to very high levels of customer service and we take all customer feedback very seriously”. 

“Our Clearance Sale is one of the largest in Dick Smith’s history and the level of customer issues has been well within norms for a sale of this size,” the spokesperson says. 

“We continue to work very hard to ensure Dick Smith customer experience is the best in consumer electronics retail.”

Brian Walker, retail expert and chief executive of the Retail Doctor Group, told SmartCompany he hopes Dick Smith – along with other retailers – have not tried to cut costs in recent weeks when it comes to customer service.

Customer service should be a retailer’s number one priority during this time of year, according to Walker.

“This is the period where the culmination of the year’s work has to be put into place,” Walker says.

“Christmas trading is generally 25 to 30% of a retailer’s business in most categories. Dick Smith has faced significant enquiries by the market due to the downgrading of its share value.

“Getting the basics and fundamentals right is critical. The brand cannot afford too many other bumps on its journey.”

*This article was updated at 12.47pm on December 18 to include a statement from Dick Smith. 



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5 years ago

I went in one of the Dicksmith stores of melbourne. I was very disappointed when a staff member at the counter literally yelled at me. I just asked for a plastic bag for the purchased item. .. And he said, “Just get of the phone first.” I said, ” Calm down. What’s wrong”
He yelled again and said, ” we don’t serve people who are on the phone” I said,” I work as well but I don’t give such a poor customer service.”
Staff is delivering very bad customer service at the moment.
Very disappointing

5 years ago

I went to the Dicksmith Kotara store today, trying to exchange the phone cover, the assistant manger was yelling at me infeont of many other customers, he says” Get the proud icy and leave the shop!” He repeated it many times at me! I wasn’t even asking anything not sensible, where can I get my complaine even they are closing down soon! This is terrible rude to accept that kind of behaviour from anyone as a human being! So any suggestion about where I can get it complained, it is very insulting and embarrassing me in front of everyone at the shop!!

Cat Minister
Cat Minister
1 year ago

AVOID Dick Smith, KOGAN and seller Australia Tech Gears – they are deceptive and dishonest, they have non existent customer service and support, ignore buyers when a problem occurs and conveniently misstate postage and delivery times. KOGAN has turned what was once a reputable and reliable Aussie company into a scammer and bitter disappointment – I will never shop at KOGAN, Dick Smith or Australia Tech Gears again.