The trick to responsive design and SEO

I’m a really big fan of responsive design on a whole bunch of levels.

One of the great things about responsive design is that no matter what device you’re using to view a responsively designed webpage you probably won’t even know you’re looking at one!


Well, that’s the great trick to responsive design. A responsively designed web page will automatically adjust to whatever device you’re using to view it.

A great example I was shown recently at SMX Sydney by its creator, Nathan (from Good Digital). Okay, so not the sexiest of topics, but it’s worth taking a look at the site to see how clever responsive design can be.

Just to illustrate the point, here are some screen grabs showing the website at various screen sizes (or widths).

First off, let’s start with a desktop view of the website:



Next, this is the view you see if you visit the home page using an iPad:



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