No ruff guesses: Pet food business makes a personalised ad for every single doggo in New York City


Source: Puppo on Facebook.

How do you get your product noticed by every single potential lead? Easy, make a personalised ad for each of them. Every. Single. One.

According to a case study published in Marketing Magazine, that was exactly how one US small business went about a massive marketing campaign earlier this year, making a personalised poster for each member of its target market in New York City.

Except, the people it was trying to reach weren’t people at all. They were very important puppers.

Puppo, a pet food business which has received investment from Mars, created 100,729 individual, personalised ads, one for each dog in New York City, including their names and specific dietary advice relating to their breed.

The business creates personalised diet plans for doggos, depending on their breed, size and age, and any sensitivities they may have, and wanted its ads to be just as bespoke.

Puppo used the registration data for dogs living in New York City, where owners are required by law to licence their pets. It then used zip code boundaries to place each pup’s personal ad within walkies distance of its home.

According to the case study, super-personalised advertising for pups worked a treat.

The Puppo website saw a 68% increase in new users within the first week, and 28% of new users cam directly through the posters.


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????Calling all NYC pups! ???? All dogs are unique, and it’s our mission to deliver personalized nutrition plans tailored for your dog. This week, we’re going one step further: we’re creating an ad for every dog! Check us out across NYC. If you spot your poster, be sure to tag us – we might just feature ya! #MyPuppo

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There was also a 144% increase in organic web searches for ‘Puppo’.

An adorable gimmick making each pug, schnauzer and spoodle feel special? Or a kinda creepy invasion of pets’ privacy?

Who’s to say, but maybe you’ll see a meal-prep plan ad with your name on it one day soon.

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