Brave selling: Succeeding with conviction, not aggression

Brave selling: Succeeding with conviction, not aggression

We all know there comes a point in life when you need to take things by the scruff of the neck and charge ahead with purpose, irrespective of the outcome. 

But, this is challenging when the pressure is really on, your back is to the wall and you’re faced with limited opportunities.

In childhood development, some parents are confused by their confident and out-going kid transforming into a timid passenger on the sporting field. They respond with comments like, “Tommy needs to be more aggressive!”

The concept of being “aggressive’” is ultimately a destructive one. In this example, the child doesn’t need to be “more aggressive” — what he needs to do is develop the confidence to be brave and be rewarded for it.

This will mean building confidence through facing specific fears and overcoming limiting beliefs. Such as, being hurt, looking foolish in front of peers, not knowing his role or understanding the rules. 

Think about the average salesperson, the same principles apply. Chloe, much like Tommy, is a seemingly confident, outgoing salesperson, yet she retreats when faced with objections, strong personalities or challenging clients. Chloe doesn’t need to find her aggression to succeed — she needs to be brave.

The first step in being brave is to start doing what scares you. That will mean:

  • Pick up the phone and make a ‘Red Phone’ call. 
  • Take control of the conversation.
  • Kill the time wasters!
  • Ask for the business.
  • Work through objections.
  • Be creative. Negotiate.
  • Put some skin in the game.
  • Follow up ferociously.
  • Don’t be scared of losing the business.

And always ensure the customer knows you care and appreciate them and their business. Scary stuff, isn’t it? These are all brave acts.

All brave salespeople have a ‘duty of care’ for their customers. They push back and fight because it’s right and they know what’s right for the customer.

Trent Leyshan is the founder of sales training company, BOOM! Sales and the the author of OUTLAW &The Naked Salesman.


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