Don’t chase the time-wasters – help people who want to be helped

Don’t chase the time-wasters – help people who want to be helped

Whack! I was king hit by the hungry mob. The mob then devoured the content. Chanting, dancing, playing and sharing with unbridled passion.  

Three days of training finished, the mob demanded more! Two weeks in the Philippines, and what an experience! Compete with Balut initiation: eating unborn duck in shell.

I spent my time offshore training for a large Australian energy retailer. I was blown away by the caring nature of the participants. So engaged and enthused to learn and improve.

We all know Australia is a lucky country. Clean water, a healthy lifestyle and abundance of opportunities, we take for granted. With this mentality comes complacency. Many Australian salespeople don’t value their role or their customers (the very foundation) their job is built on.

In the Philippines, you couldn’t find a more distinct contrast. One hundred million people, overcrowded cities and scarce opportunities. Thousands of salespeople in call centres (BPOs) that don’t see this as just a job — it’s a career, one they feel blessed for having.

Local jobs are being lost offshore. From this experience, I start to understand why.

The big takeaway is simply this: Help people who want to be helped.

There’s an abundance of people out there who want help. This applies to customers, it applies to new staff. Yet, you’ll never find them nor have the time to help, if you’re chasing the shadows of unwilling recipients. Yes, go ahead and kill the time wasters, before they kill you. #BOOM!

Look out Australians because the offshore forces are swarming! Literally thousands, say millions, of hungry salespeople need and value your job. In addition, they see this as a career or life-changing opportunity. It’s time to lift your game, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Though I was teaching, I learned more from my new Fili friends. Thank you to all the movers and groovers who helped me feel so welcome. You’ve changed the game for me, forever.  

Trent Leyshan is CEO and founder at BOOM! Sales and author of OUTLAW and The Naked Salesman.


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