Enthusiasm in selling

There is a popular fallacy that salespeople are born, not made. Whilst there is some vestige of truth in the statement, it is not for the reasons made so popular – i.e. it’s not that salespeople have the ‘gift of the gab’ but rather because these successful salespeople are genuinely enthusiastic about what they do in helping prospects find a solution. These salespeople have a purpose to what they do and enjoy the process of discovery, problem-solving and collaboration with others.

This does not mean that they are the life of the party or always talking about this and that. Enthusiasm should not be mistaken for extroversion. You can have people who are quiet, attentive but none the less enthusiastic about their passion, their purpose in life.

Enthusiasm is that extra spark that provides inspiration to have the confidence to take on the world. It is contagious and, when mastered, it has enormous power.

Consider this approach to life:

We have a challenge. We take action. We succeed.
Therefore we have a great deal of enthusiasm.

The statement, however, is presented in the wrong sequence. It should read:

We have a challenge. We generate enthusiasm for addressing the challenge. Therefore we succeed.

Few people are enthusiastic because they solved a problem; they solve a problem because they are enthusiastic.

The fortunate thing about enthusiasm is that it can be developed by combining three simple elements that we all have:

1. You must have an INTEREST in what you’re doing

You can hardly be expected to be enthusiastic about anything until you have some interest, and unless you know something about the subject, project or issue you cannot develop that interest.

2. You must have KNOWLEDGE of what you’re doing

Ignorance is bliss, particularly when you don’t really care nor have any desire to be enthusiastic. But when you do learn something new and you begin to understand its importance, your enthusiasm gathers speed. The more you know the more enthusiastic you become simply because you can see more opportunities.

3. You must have BELIEF in what you are doing

If you don’t believe what you are saying you can’t expect to be enthusiastic. Enthusiasm is contagious. No one can be exposed to its radiant force without being positively affected. It is power. The true enthusiast expresses power naturally and excellence is just a normal way of life.

To sell really well it helps to be enthusiastic about your company, your products, your team and what you stand for. If you can get that right there is no stopping you then.

Remember, everybody lives by selling something.

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