Let’s get fair dinkum about Australian businesses and support local online retailers

Let’s get fair dinkum about Australian businesses and support local online retailers


When people hear ‘shop local’, most think of the traditional bricks-and-mortar stores – those with physical presences. But Australians love their online shopping too; in fact, collectively we spent an estimated $18.1 billion last year with online stores, with a mindboggling $4.43 billion (26%) of which went overseas. 

When consumers have access to products from the furthest reaches of the globe – together with competitive prices and a wider range to choose from – it’s hardly surprising that small Australian retailers are fighting an uphill battle for their fair share.

And that’s where we, as Aussie business owners, come in. We need to back our fellow Australian businesses. We need to help them thrive.

With some of the biggest retailing giants targeting Australians, it’s time to get patriotic, embrace Aussie businesses and keep those dollars in our own backyard; with this comes the creation of more local jobs and economic growth. It’s a win-win.

And it’s not about making a sacrifice to ‘buy Australian’. There are plenty of great Aussie companies doing big things here in the online arena. In many cases local retailers are leading the way in online innovation and customer service. Shopping local doesn’t necessarily mean more expensive, in fact a little shopping around can save you money, especially if you opt for quality over quantity.

Another perk from buying locally made products is having real-time access to quality. We’re provided with a satisfaction of knowing that we are buying good stuff as manufacturing in Australia is generally conducted under highly regulated and fair conditions, whereas you may not get the same standard from overseas.

According to figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, more than half of Australian businesses will close down within the first three years of opening, with a recent survey showing one of the biggest challenges was overseas competition. That’s a scary figure.

However, online sales experienced double the growth of traditional retail sales in the 12 months to November 2015, proving that online buyer power is stronger than ever.


That’s why, this Australia Day, finder.com.au is staging a 48-hour online shopping event to help local retailers attract and retain consumers. While the official holiday sales period has just ended, we’re partnering with more than 50 Australian retailers to bring exclusive discounts and deals to those who choose to shop local this Australia Day.

As some retail stores will be closed on January 26 – and their employees will instead be playing cricket with craft beer – there’s never been a better excuse to engage in an online sale.

We hope the campaign is a catalyst in prioritising spending within Australia. Local retailers need local support. Let’s do it for our mates.


The True Blue Sale starts at 12.01am on Australia Day (Tuesday January 26, 2015). Visit www.finder.com.au/true-blue


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