Richard Branson shares the qualities of great salespeople

Richard Branson

Richard Branson threw water at fellow entrepreneur Mark Cuban after a misunderstanding.

The difference between a good and a great salesperson can mean everything when it comes to success, and for those seeking to set themselves apart from their peers there are a number of important qualities to cultivate.

Billionaire entrepreneur Richard Branson has taken to his blog to share some of these qualities, drawing on the advice of Peter Rosengard, whom Branson describes as being “widely known as the greatest life insurance salesman in the world”.

“Selling is about a lot more than your product – the buyer is investing in you as an individual as much, if not more, than whatever you have for sale,” Branson advises.

He says Rosengard got in touch after reading some of his top-10 quotes on different subjects, suggesting Branson put together a top-10 on selling.

“I thought it better to ask Peter to share his own insights on the subject,” Branson writes. “Before too long he had sent me his ‘Top 10 Best Rosengards’, following on with a further 11 more suggestions and then an extra five for good measure.”

Branson has shared all 26 of Rosengard’s tips, “ranging from the practical to the motivational”, the first 10 of which are:

1. Be enthusiastic
2. Be persistent
3. Have courage
4. Behave with integrity
5. Have chutzpah
6. Listen
7. Don’t take rejection personally
8. Make the calls
9. Ask for referrals from clients
10. Make a goal

Branson says Rosengard “lives and breathes these attributes”, with the remaining 16 tips providing further pointers:

11. Prepare
12. Know your product
13. Keep sales production records
14. Use storytelling
15. Think big
16. Be self-motivated
17. Be self-disciplined
18. Think “out of the box”
19. Be serious and fun!
20. Service your clients‎
21. Smile – if you see someone without one, give them yours!
22. Be active
23. Have self-belief
24. Be persuasive
25. Be self-motivated
26. Have a positive attitude

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David Pearce
4 years ago

Thanks for the article about
the attributes of successful sales people. I thought your readers might find this article to be of
interest. It is based on some of our most recent research and strongly
reinforces the points in your article.