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The web offering for Toyota’s Kluger brought the consumer back into the equation, with an interactive and information-packed presentation that went beyond pure promotion. See Toyota’s Yolande Waldock talk about the effort that went into the launch of the

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Kluger Yolande Waldock

Yolande Waldock has launched a lot of vehicles, as marketing services manager with Toyota Australia. But no launch has been as intense, she says, as it was for the new Kluger SUV.

The target consumer, she explains, was Generation-X – people in their 30s, having families for the first time, and changing lifestyles that sees them finding a need to have a car like the Kluger.

The internet has morphed into a useful information tool for consumers, one that Toyota used to full advantage in the marketing effort that went into promoting the Kluger.

Demonstrating the positives of their new vehicle fell at the first instance to the company’s web offering. Ease of use and interaction became part and parcel of not only the internet promotions but of the Kluger itself – a key touchpoint for the Gen-X target market.

With the experience of the web information, Yolande says that customers have been able to walk into a car dealership already armed with relevant and pertinent information – a big positive to keep drivers loyal to the Toyota brand.


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