Smart, but not smart enough

How smart are you? You may have an IQ that rivals Einstein, yet you’re still only scratching the surface of ideas and strategies that can potentially propel you forward.

Irrespective of how clever you are, you’re limited by two cerebral hemispheres. Imagine multiplying your thinking capacity by 100%, 200%, or 300%, or more? This is why periodic collaboration with people that are driven by the same cause is such a winning strategy.

Brains-trusts and masterminds groups are not new. Initially I came across this concept in my early twenties when I read Napoleon Hill’s inspiring work, Think and Grow Rich. While I don’t suggest channelling the dead for their inspiration, I do strongly advise you and the team take time out to habitually brainstorm, share ideas, best practices and strategies.

There is so much intelligence, so much IP and sales potency lurking within your current team. To not unlock and integrate this knowledge and capability via both structured and fluid collaboration is a missed opportunity. You’re limiting your individual and team potential.

The end of year is approaching, now is the time to stop, reflect, refine and prepare to launch forward. Delve into your sales model and challenge team members to clarify and clearly articulate their strategy and why it will succeed. Collectively address bugs and issues and augment them with best practices. Your high-performers are critical here, unlocking and embedding their skills and behaviours throughout the team will help fast track success.

Purposeful team collaboration will give you an edge over your competitors and aid in delivering success across your entire team. When you put your heads together you will share more success. Remember, you alone may be smart, but not smart enough.

Trent Leyshan is the founder of BOOM!, Australia’s leading sales training and development specialist. He is the co-founder of Expand People and author of The Naked Salesman.


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