The relationship of revenue growth to your job

Does everyone in your organisation understand how their role effects revenue growth?
We all know the relationship of sales to revenue growth is high. But how many people in your company know the relationship of revenue growth to their specific job?


The sales people do. Owners do. They think about it every day.

Yet many people not working directly with customers don’t often think about how their roles impact on sales and revenue growth. Even in some customer service teams they don’t realise the connection either. How many sales leads or up-selling or cross-selling opportunities pass them by?


If I had my way, everyone in every business would know their line of sight to the customer. Everyone would have sales and service key performance indicators in their job description and performance expectations. Everyone would know how their job impacts on revenue and profit growth. And everyone would know what a sales opportunity looks like so they could spot them and capture them for your business.


Here’s the test. If I came into your business and interviewed everyone separately, what answers would you expect from each of your people to the following questions?

  • How does your organisation generate revenue?
  • Who pays this revenue to you?
  • Why do your customers choose to do business with you?
  • What is your role and who do you support in causing customer satisfaction?
  • How does your position or job function affect the profitability of your organisation?
  • How does your position or job function affect customer satisfaction?
  • How does your position or job function affect sales?
  • What are your standards of service?
  • What is your own purpose statement?


If you do not know what a purpose statement looks like, here is an example:


“I’m in business to support and fulfil my customers’ needs, help create an enjoyable work environment and help my organisation operate ethically and profitably.”


Knowing what business you are in and what you stand for is very important to generating revenue growth in business whether you are in the front line or back office.


Take the test and see what happens. At your next meeting or interaction, ask your people these questions and see what they have to say.


Let me know what you find, I’d be keen to hear from you. You can reach me at [email protected]


Sue Barrett is Managing Director of BARRETT Pty Ltd. Sue is an experienced consultant and trained coach and facilitator. Sue and her team are best known for their work in creating High Performing Sales Teams. Key to their success is working with the whole person and integrating emotional intelligence, skill, knowledge, behaviour, process and strategy via effective training and coaching programs. For more information please go to

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