The world’s greatest salesman

Let there be light…” boomed the bold voice from deep within the darkness.

Silence ensued for what seemed like an eternity, until… a careful voice echoed back from the dark shadows… “Why do we need light?”

God pondered the careful voice for some time before offering a reply. And it was from this enlightening exchange that the first ever sales pitch was born. Light soon followed.

Not even “God” gets things done without selling it first. We all sell something whether we acknowledge it or not.  Sometimes the sell is subconscious and other times it’s more lucid.

This could mean selling yourself on why something or someone is truly important to you? Perhaps its selling your kids on the perils of drug use before the local drug dealer sells to them first? Or maybe it’s selling yourself on why you shouldn’t raid the fridge late at night?

In any case, we are always selling or being influenced by something. How we persuade ourselves and enrol others in our vision or values determines the mark we leave on the world.

We truly sell when our words and actions are aligned. Think of some of the world’s most influential people: Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr, John Lennon, Charles Darwin, Nelson Mandela, all sold their vision and inspired others through their words and actions.

You may not be here to change the world, nor desire to, and that’s okay. But you better know how to get what you want or you’ll forever be forced to live in a state of need.

Every day great salespeople sell themselves on:

  • Why they need to get out of bed with a spring in their step.
  • Why they won’t let challenges and setbacks consume them.
  • Why their customers will buy from them and not their competitors.
  • Why they will ultimately succeed, no matter what.

The sell should always start with a meaningful, why? Be mindful that without a strong why, no one will buy. Similarly, if you can’t sell yourself first why should anyone else buy from you?

It was said that we were all created in the likeness of God. Well, he was and still is without a doubt the world’s greatest ever salesman… so go forth, sell and multiply.

Trent Leyshan is the founder and CEO of BOOM Sales! a leading sales training and sales development specialist. He is also the creator of The NAKED Salesman, BOOMOLOGY! RetroService, and the Empathy Selling Process.


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