LinkedIn tips from a Power Profiler

LinkedIn tips from a Power Profiler


LinkedIn is a brilliant profile building and lead generation tool, whether you are running a small business or are the CEO of a massive multinational.

It is the largest business-oriented content publishing platform in the world and, crucially, it is your best way to access key people in the business world.

Of course, you need to work at it. It IS a business too, so you need to put in effort and take it seriously. To get the most out of LinkedIn here are some tips that have worked for me:

1. Have a very full profile.

Don’t just have a picture and one job listed. This is your one chance to profile all that you are to a prospect or business contact. People like to connect on familiar ground, so the more you have the better your chances.

It is a competitive environment, so make sure you:

– List all your positions over the past 10-15 years

– Outline your relevant tertiary education

– Include any significant training or education since then

– Detail major projects you’ve worked on; including voluntary projects

– Add all your pro bono work

– Use appropriate images


2. Publish regularly.

The reason for this is to build yourself as an authority in a particular industry. It doesn’t have to be content that hasn’t yet been published elsewhere — you may have already published it in your website. If you don’t have a business blog, then use LinkedIn as your personal blog.


3. Accept connections.

Don’t have the attitude “I don’t know you” as you may be missing out on a potential client. Be strategic. Be smart. Look at the big picture.


4. Send connections.

Don’t hold back on connecting with people you already know, have met at functions or are generally interested in. If you send an InMail make sure you are very specific about what’s in it for the OTHER person.


5. Update your profile.

On top of publishing you need to post updates regularly that are of interest to your followers and in line with your brand


6. All your titles.

Have more than your current role. It’s the five-second snapshot on who you are so add more than CEO of Company. Also add board member or whatever else you feel sums you up professionally.


7. Use LinkedIn daily.

Yes. Look at it daily and update it daily even with a link or quote you feel your followers would enjoy.


You can’t avoid the power of LinkedIn and its momentum. Don’t stick your head in the sand. Use it to the best if your abilities. 

Amanda Rose is the only ‘strategic connector’ in Australia, a brand strategist, speaker, host of Amanda Rose TV, founder and CEO of The Business Woman Media. Quoted as an “internet winning blogger” by Follow Amanda on Twitter.


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