Putting it all together

Here’s my shopping list for this week:


  1. Ham
  2. Mushrooms
  3. Cheese
  4. Sundried tomatoes
  5. Lebanese bread


You may think: why is my shopping list on my blog? After I wrote this today I thought it’s interesting that all these taste good on their own, but put them together, throw in a sandwich toaster and you have a delicious wrap.

Then I thought about this with business. I can just do one thing to promote my product, like have a Facebook site. But if I also link it to my website; and link it to Twitter; and have a coupon on the sites to drive sales to my website; and offer consumers the chance to sign up for the newsletter; I get a much tastier outcome and it fills my business up with sales.

By being the chef in my business I can mix together different ingredients to find what works for me, and like personal taste this will vary from business to business.


From trial and more trial I find that just one activity alone doesn’t generate much in terms of sales or awareness. I used to think by doing each activity separately I’d make money go further and have activity spanning the whole year.

That’s true, but there is definitely a better result from having more than one activity running at once and linking these activities to each other. 

After all isn’t a toasted wrap more interesting that just a mushroom?


Lara Solomon is the founder of Mocks, mobile phone socks www.MyMocks.com and author of Brand New Day – the Highs & Lows of Starting a Small Business. Lara’s business LaRoo was the winner of the NSW Telstra Micro-Business Award in 2008.

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