“What a sly n nasty piece of sh-t you are”: Is this the worst social media response ever by a business?

The owner of a business that hires mechanical bucking machines, including a bucking penis for hen’s night events, has become embroiled in a war of words with a customer after she left a bad review on the company’s Facebook page, prompting the business owner to call her a “sly n nasty piece of shit”.

A Perth woman, who wished only to be named as Alex when she approached Fairfax radio with the story, hired West Australian business Get Bucked Entertainment to supply the bucking mechanical penis for a two-hour time slot at her friend’s hen’s night.

Alex claims the operator turned up 90 minutes late for the booking and was smoking and drinking alcohol while operating the equipment. When she said she would only pay Get Bucked Entertainment for half an hour, Alex, who is pregnant, claimed the operator intimidated her.

Alex posted the complaint about the “very unfortunate experience” on the Get Bucked Entertainment Facebook page, which has since been taken down. In response, the operator blasted Alex for underpaying him and leaving a complaint on his page.

“Well. What a sly n [sic] nasty piece of shit you are. After ripping me off on the night you go and post this fucking crap on my wall,” read Get Bucked Entertainment’s response.

“Intimidating a pregnant bitch by politely asking why you think it’s fine to under pay me for supplying you the best entertainment you’ve ever had. And I thought you were just fat and ugly like the rest of your foul mouthed friends,” the reply continued.

Get Bucked Entertainment then complained the hen’s night was “full of bogans” and “fucking lame”.

“I don’t care for anyones recommendations as I’m booked out and earn more on a weekend than you would in a month,” the post ended.

Without its Facebook page, Get Bucked Entertainment has no contact information now listed online. SmartCompany was unable to contact the company for contact.

Marketing expert Michelle Gamble, from Marketing Angels, told SmartCompany the outburst was “right up there with the worst” social media responses by an Australian company.

“It’s absolutely horrendous,” says Gamble.

“Someone needs to take the keyboard away from that guy and not allow him any customer contact.”

Gamble says the comments may potentially be enough to ruin Get Bucked Entertainment’s business, seeing as the industry would heavily rely on word-of-mouth.

“Although, that really depends on what competition he has,” she adds.

Gamble says a small business should always endeavour to handle social media complaints out of the public eye.

“I think the first way they should deal with it is to take it offline. Say, ‘look, I’m sorry you’ve had a bad experience and I’d love to discuss it with you, what’s your contact information’.”


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