The weird and wonderful brand campaigns vying for your attention this federal election

Political advertising is not just for politicians, with a number of Australian businesses also launching their own marketing campaigns this election to entertain and educate voting consumers.

SmartCompany has rounded up the most weird and wonderful campaigns floating around.

The prime minister with no added hormones

Amidst the noise of major parties dishing out dirt on each other like they’re Eminem, Hungry Jacks has offered up an alternative.

In this campaign ad, Hungry Jacks calls for a leader that is honest, has integrity and won’t be moved by trends or hype.

Their answer: “Whopper for prime minster”.

Why, you ask?

In their words, it’s a “true blue Australian who is loved by millions and [has] no added hormones.”

Could Liberal leader Malcolm Turnbull or Labor’s Bill Shorten, or even Greens leader Richard Di Natale for that matter, say the same?

Well, you’re probably right.

The Breakers Party

This political party was launched by Kit Kat and is led by Dale Jeffries who “loves breaks”.

“We live in the greatest country on earth,” he says in their campaign video.

“Sure, we don’t have any political experience whatsoever.”

But they do have an answer to tackle every major policy area including the economy, environment, education and tax.

Their answer: “more breaks”.

Hey, at least they’re consistent.

Besides, the fact that they literally play house in their upper house is great policy enough.

Dominos predicts Labor win

Instead of offering an alternative leader, pizza chain Dominos launched its own poll to try and predict who will win the federal election.

“With over 75,000 unique responses to the polling questions over the past couple of weeks, the nation has spoken,” said Domino’s CEO Don Meij.

“Pizza lovers all over Australia have voted and they believe Labor will be voted into Parliament at next month’s Federal Election.”

Though thousands of Australians do get their dinner via Domino’s live tracker every night, this poll may be saying more about their customers than the Australian public.

Only time will tell.

Vote for the Reef

On the other side of the coin, ethical brand Lush Cosmetics is using its nationwide store presence to inform voters on a major global issue.

Hoping to educate voters on the eroding Great Barrier Reef and the importance of switching from coal to clean energy, Lush Cosmetics director Peta Granger told SmartCompany they are offering voting cards at their Australian stores to give people an idea of where major parties stand on these issues.

Joining forces with activist organisation GetUp!, Lush stores are getting their message out to thousands of store visitors and voting consumers in the hopes of driving real world impact.

“This is important to us because today 93% of the Great Barrier Reef has been affected by coral bleaching,” she says.

“The way we see it is we’re in a desperate race.”

Have you spotted an election campaign by a brand that tickled your fancy? Tell us in the comments. 


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