Three quick-fire digital-marketing wins for your business in 2019


You can always improve your marketing. Whether it’s making sure your social media channels are firing on all cylinders or you have the right SEO strategy in place, there’s always at least one part of your marketing that could do with a little tweak (or even a major overhaul).

Here are three things you can get started on in the new year that will vastly improve the effectiveness of your digital marketing.

Automate where possible

Marketing automation (MA) lets businesses streamline and optimise how they do their marketing.

MA software helps you nurture and qualify leads, and gain a better measure of the return on investment of their marketing. The software is especially useful for SMEs wanting to beef up their marketing efforts without hiring extra employees. It also frees you from a lot of the drudge work that goes with manually executing campaigns and posting to social media.

There are numerous MA software packages out there. Some of the more popular ones are HubSpot, Pardot (Salesforce), Marketo, Infusionsoft and Microsoft Dynamic CRM. The best platform for your enterprise depends on factors such as the size of your marketing program (number of customers and spend, for example) and what level of sophistication and features you require.

Content wins on two counts

It can be easy to fall behind on your content output and it’s not always easy coming up with regular material. However, for both the sake of connecting with regular customers and finding new ones, it’s important you keep fresh content coming down the pipeline.

You should be aiming for engaging content that helps your customers learn and understand what you sell or do. It doesn’t have to be a masterpiece, but it needs to be technically proficient enough to give people who come to your website or Facebook page what they want. And you should be putting up new content regularly in order to obtain the most SEO benefit from it possible.

Draw up a schedule and spend time on planning your content for at least the next six months. Have a look at what you have coming up in terms of sales, announcements, projects and the likes and think of how you want these things presented as content.

Try one new thing

It could be a new social media channel, a new style of content, or even a new software tool such as Hootsuite to automate your social media posting. Try something new, monitor and measure the results.

You might be stuck in a rut with your social output, putting up the same posts to Facebook day after day. Go out on a limb and give something like Snapchat a go. Or try a video if you haven’t done that yet and start up a YouTube channel.

Give it three months or so and assess. You might be surprised by the success you have, or at the very least, you’ll have learnt how to do something new.

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