Woolworths diffuses awkward situation by channelling rapper Ice Cube in witty response to customer who found mould in a tub of hummus

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A major supermarket has proved once again that humour might just be the key to diffusing awkward situations on social media.

Earlier this week, Facebook user Ben Hunter posted a photo to Woolworths’ page showing a tub of mouldy hummus.

However, the Woolworths customer wrote his complaint in the “words of the modern day poet Ice Cube”.

“I am at a loss as to what I am supposed to do,” Hunter wrote.

“Do I walk into Woolworths now, with the expectation that there is a very high chance that if I buy dip it will be ‘tough titties’ for me if I run into the dip mould pandemic in my once secure home? Please, advise me on what is to be done in such dire circumstances.”

Woolworths responded to the complaint, writing “The Boyz in the Hood will look into this for you”.

“Check Yo Self and get over to the service desk for a refund and replacement,” Woolies wrote.

“You Know How We Do It.”

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Hunter’s original Facebook complaint has since been shared more than 2000 times and attracted more than 4600 comments.

However, Woolworths’ reply has garnered almost twice the number of likes in comparison to the original post.

Social media users have been quick to praise Woolies’ witty response, labelling the reply as “legendary” and “amazing”.

Social media and crisis communications expert Nicole Matejic told SmartCompany this is an example of how businesses can use Facebook effectively to entertain customers but also carry out important duties, such as handling complaints and taking feedback on board.

“Woolies and good PR have been hard to fathom in the same sentence for a while, but whoever is their Facebook community manager is on the money,” Matejic says.

“They have great responses, demonstrating a key understanding of the customer’s concerns and an ability to be appropriately creative in response.”

Large companies have become increasingly confident when it comes to showing their personality and values on social media.

Last week, Optus won widespread praise on social media for its eloquent and honest responses to critical Facebook commenters.

The responses have even spawned a “Dan from Optus” Facebook page.


Broede Carmody

Broede Carmody is a former senior SmartCompany reporter. Before this, he was a co-editor of RMIT University's student magazine Catalyst.

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