Do logos do anything useful?

I’m starting a chain of Mexican restaurants and am working through our brand. Quite a few logo suggestions have been put forward but I’m not sure if they are worth the time and money. What do you think?


Is a logo important? Very, for two reasons – now and later.


Now. Starting out your logo will be one of the few ways you’ll be able to communicate what your brand (Mexican restaurant) is about.


Ideally your logo should communicate the most important features of your brand and it should do that visually.


If you just saw the logos for Boost, nudie, and Grilled you’d get a feeling for the brand – the promise you are making to the consumer straight away.


Later. In time your logo will become like a storage house representing all the impressions people have about your brand.


All will be contained in that logo and as a visual reminder explaining what your brand stands for it’s extremely important.


Hopefully you have a very clear idea of what your brand stands for and your name. If you do, express that thought in the logo.


The logo will be with you for the life of your business on every awning, business card and shop window. You need to love it. Don’t get it wrong.


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