Have you got any tips on how to make products more attractive online?

Displaying products in an attractive and appealing manner online is one of the make or break factors in running a successful online business.


Your website is your shop front, and just as a brick and mortar retail store would not succeed with products scattered around the place in an unkempt manner, your web business cannot succeed without an impressive product display.


So what makes a product more attractive online?


For starters, you need great photos of the product showing all key features and at as many angles as possible.

At Milan Direct we employ a professional photographer to take numerous photos of all new products as soon as they arrive in our warehouse.


This has really set us apart from our competition, many of whom take a lazy approach and copy pictures from the internet or from a supplier (which is often in breach of copyright!).


Customers are much smarter than this and appreciate the attention to detail that professional photos provide as well as the comfort of seeing precisely what they will receive.


Taking it to the next level, there are also further innovative ways to bring the showroom into your customers’ living room.


For example, you can utilise 360 degree rotating product views and product videos.


These are two tools that we have employed recently at Milan Direct, and have had fantastic feedback from our customers.


We have received comments that such tools give customers confidence that they are making the right purchase decision.


However, using these visual aids are not enough, and the next step is to ensure that you have detailed and accurate product descriptions.


You want to make it as easy as possible for your customers to make a purchase, so all of their questions should be answered in the product description and specifications.


For example, it is important to describe the key features, materials, product dimensions, product history and stock availability.


Things to steer clear from when displaying your products online include plagiarising other companies’ websites and product descriptions.


Besides being unethical, unprofessional and lazy, Google heavily penalises duplicate content which will result in your website not appearing in Google’s organic rankings, or at best, appearing right at the bottom of it.


So if you have a great product, invest both the time and resources into creating an appealing and detailed product display on your website, so that your online customers can make informed purchasing decisions.


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