How can I ensure there’s not an (unintentional) gender pay gap in my business?

The cynic in me suggests you should know the answer by checking what your folk are paid.


I think the technical term is: Duh!


The realist in me says look at your payroll and check that males and females who occupy roles with the following similar attributes:

  • Experience and skills
  • Qualifications
  • Responsibilities
  • Roles scope
  • Direct reports
  • Budgets

If there are multiple roles with these common traits then irrespective of gender they should be paid about the same.


If not you may have an issue.


You can address it in a number of ways.

  1. Ensure first you are not underpaying against the appropriate Award or Agreement. Please ensure you comply!
  2. Plan the best and most affordable way to make amends.
  3. If the gap is substantial and multiplied across a number of your team, the worst way is to do it quickly. The cost may be prohibitive. You also lose the advantage you obtain by regular increments.
  4. Acknowledge that there is be a gap and advise you are keen to redress that gap.
  5. Then put in train a process of regular reviews and upgrades. But be true to your word and put a timeframe around your plan.
  6. In this way you can afford the change and retain the staff.
  7. If the gap is small just bite the bullet and fix the problem.

Once you have it in a consistent pattern there is a fabulous opportunity for you to drive the right behaviour by introducing some “at risk” component to pay.


This is particularly valuable in achieving milestones or targets.


If you set it up correctly you will find it funds itself.


It is a great way to show that gender aside you will reward the right behaviour attitude and skill.


It really is unforgiveable in this day and age to have gender pay inequity in a small business.


Just sort it.


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