How do I get my Facebook fans to my new website?

I’ve built a decent following on my Facebook page, but how can I best shift these people to my new website so they can buy products from there?


It’s great that your business’ Facebook page has picked up a lot of ‘likes’. The next step – and all inbound marketers will tell you it’s a crucial one – is converting them into sales.


Social media can be a tricky course to navigate, but when done successfully it can generate massive profits for your business.


The first thing to make sure of is that your website is easily found when followers view your page.


You have to remember that Facebook users have very short attention spans and you’re constantly competing with other distractions. You want people to be clear on what your business offers – best to keep it simple and visible.


However, most people won’t click on your website out of curiosity alone. You have to give them an incentive. They need a good reason to spend their precious time on your business.


Here are three things that can help you catch the attention of your target market:


1. Facebook Offers


Facebook has recently developed an exciting, new application that allows businesses to turn their Facebook followers into customers. The app is called Facebook Offers, and these “offers” are basically social media coupons.


One of its best features is that it offers exclusive discounts and deals to your Facebook followers.


This reminds them why they “liked” your page in the first place and will mean they are more likely to repeatedly engage with your Facebook page and website.


Another positive is that when someone claims an offer with your business, all their friends will see it.


This is nothing if not free advertising for your business, and may even generate a few more ‘likes’ for your Facebook page.


2. Offer exclusive content to Facebook fans


People will largely ignore your Facebook page if they don’t have a reason to visit it. Offering exclusive content gives them that reason.


It’s also one of the quickest ways to have people visit your new website. This is a good time to get creative. You know what you can offer your customers – bait them with the offer and reel them in to your new website to claim it.


3. Share links landing to your website


Social networking sites are all about building relationships and trust. You don’t want to be advertising – or at least appear to be advertising – all the time: Try mixing it up by linking to blogs, articles, videos and/or eBooks that your customers may enjoy.


Embed them into your new website and watch the hits add up. If you can provide a service as well as a product, customers will seek out your website and products.

By being creative and remembering that content is king, you can effectively convert your Facebook followers into repeat business.


Facebook is exciting and constantly evolving – embrace it and watch your business grow.


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