How do I get noticed by investors?

Are there any good PR moves to make to get on investors’ radars?


What’s the best way of being seen and talked about?

Public Relations, PR, press coverage, “buzz” – call it what you will – is often a good way to gain investor and customer attention but it does come at a price.


PR is rarely “free”.


It needs time, expertise, luck and above all a “story” that is new, interesting and relevant to media outlets.


If you are presenting your company to investors, it is always valuable to have a slide with logos and headlines from industry and national press.


Any external validation you can generate – from customers, suppliers, or media coverage – will improve your chances with potential investors.


However, too much PR and not enough real business momentum (revenue, products development) will not solve the challenge of attracting investment capital.


But what are the right PR moves for early stage companies?


Industry awards are a great way to generate validation and will create the hook for some press coverage. Key customer wins and key staff hires can build PR momentum.


Social media – especially LinkedIn and Twitter – is a great way to build your own PR among your network, and you might get picked up by industry media outlets.


Be warned that if you plan to engage a PR professional or agency, usually for a few months on a high, fixed-cost contractual basis, ensure that they have real experience in your sector with measurable deliverables.


The best PR gets the right people talking about you – customers and potential investors.


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