How do you manage to stay motivated over the years?

I often get asked how I keep myself motivated after all these years. In the early days, I would have that goal of an overseas holiday or a new car to keep my motivation.


Today, I still set goals to keep motivated.


As a young boy, my goal was to own my own business. At age 21, I purchased my first bakery.


I have always enjoyed being in business, but I have to tell you – around 30 years of age I started to lose my enthusiasm for business.


I started to doubt my ability. I was tired and a bit lost.


Then my wife ran off with another man and left me with two small girls. Luckily for me, I asked for help.


I got a lot of counselling and got my life back in order. After a couple of years I got remarried.


I learned many things during those years.


One of the things was my “self-talk.” It has to be positive. “I can do this.” “I am okay.” “I love my job.” “I have lots of energy.”


For me, my self-talk has to stay upbeat. It’s so easy to be negative, but it sure doesn’t help keep you motivated.


I never complain about having to go to work, whether it is at 2am or 9am. I try to be grateful at all times.


If I’m grateful, I have energy and I’m motivated. If I’m ungrateful, I have no energy and no motivation. So the secret is to be grateful.


Have an attitude of gratitude. Be grateful you live in Australia. Be grateful you woke up this morning: lots of people didn’t.


It’s hard not to be motivated when you’re extremely grateful.


After my first wife left, I started to go to conferences and trade shows. I found that they recharged my passion.


I read positive books and trade magazines, and I still do. I stay focused on what my goals are.


I have a group of likeminded people who are committed to helping each other out.


I talk to successful people so I can get a different perspective on their insights. It helps me make better decisions.


My young business partner, Marty Matassoni, keeps me motivated. Helping other people always keeps me motivated.


The more I give, the more I get. Having exciting goals that challenge me keeps me motivated.


One thing I do is keep away from dream-takers and energy-suckers: they can kill anyone’s motivation.


So I have positive friends and I help other people. I try always to be positive. I do believe the best is yet to come, and that really keeps me motivated.


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