How can I collaborate with other start-ups near me?

I’ve started up a web development company and want to base myself near other creative start-ups so that we can collaborate and network. How can I best go about this?


Getting a new business venture started is an exciting and challenging time, as any entrepreneur can testify to.

And having the input and support of your industry peers will be a valuable help for your company.


Besides increasing the possibility of finding project partners and new business opportunities, being near similar start-ups can provide invaluable emotional support.


I would recommend that your first step should be to understand where other creative start-ups are located.


Small companies do tend to follow the examples set by industry leaders, so map out your industry by visiting the websites of all the major creative development companies, finding their local addresses in your city and plot where they are located on the map.


Then go for a physical walk around the most relevant area and understand the location. Observe what options are available close by, and investigate different types of office space such as shared-lease spaces, serviced offices and incubation spaces.


Then contact the suitable options, review prices and properties and make a decision based on your situation.


As for networking, this does not necessary have to occur where you are located – join chambers of commerce, go to industry events, marketing events, use LinkedIn.


Even simpler, spend time in coffee shops in the area you’ve identified as where you want to be, and get to know the locals – a good way to meet people whether you are new in town or new in business.


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