Should I change my sales strategies for Christmas?

Do I need to have any particular sales strategies around Christmas or should I just be doing what I’m doing now, but more of it?


The market is so crammed today, with online and offline businesses everywhere competing for the consumer’s heart and purse.


Christmas is around the corner and it’s a great time for extra sales – if you have something that could be deemed gift worthy or even if it could be seen as a self-indulgence product.


If you have neither of these and are B2B, you may still have some service or offer that your clients could deem as a Christmas gift!


Of course, you have to keep offering great service and great value but it’s a time of the year when you should be trying to offer even better value, particularly when it means not discounting but simply giving value-add with more product, additional services, etc.


This is where your CRM is critical – how good would it be if you could offer your customers something you know they would appreciate?


I think the old Christmas greetings and hampers (unless tailored to your customer) look too generic and, while I love getting these, I don’t feel they are special unless they are packed with stuff that I – as a consumer – like!


A few thoughts for Christmas then:

  • Don’t wait until after Christmas to treat your customers.
  • Tailor gifts, services or product add-ons to their needs, so they know you are actually focused on them.
  • Make sure your logistics can deliver in time (if you’re selling a product).
  • Don’t waste money sending the card that everyone in the office has signed; rates low on sincerity.
  • Do find something that your customers will enjoy for themselves or their business.
  • Give something that shows you are up to speed with the latest and greatest stuff.
  • Here is an idea – [email protected]!!! I think this is the best gadget I have seen for a long time and has both a business purpose and a personal use – very, very cool.


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