Should I treat my large customers differently?

I seem to be able to get my smaller customers to be repeat purchasers, but with my larger clients it’s a bit harder. Should I be treating them differently?


Small customers can turn into big customers and vice versa.


Every customer is therefore precious!


A really good way of determining how we can get our customers to be repeat purchasers is to ask them what we could do to make repeat business easy for them.

  • How often do they need to order or are they in fact placing large orders to avoid frequent ordering?
  • Are we in sufficient communication with our customers; are we front of mind when they are ordering?
  • Why should they continue to buy from us and why should they continue to buy repeatedly from us?
  • Do our larger customers like to order from the competition to keep us on our toes?
  • Do they simply need to know they can get the best product at the best price from us?
  • Are we letting them know that?
  • What sort of relationships do we have with our big clients?
  • Do we really look after them?
  • How is our client hospitality?
  • Is it what their procurement people like?
  • Are our customer relations team really customer relations people or just order takers?
  • How speedy, efficient is our delivery process?
  • What are our competitors doing?

The great thing about asking your customers is that you will get the facts about what is really happening in your business!


It is said the quality of your life is related to the quality of your questions. I think the quality of your customer relations and therefore your business is also related to the quality of the questions you ask your customers — regardless of customer size!


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