Should I use a local brand in overseas markets?

I’m looking to sell my products internationally. Should I change my brand’s name to cater for these new markets?


We live in a hyper-connected world. Unless the name of your brand means small penis in Spanish, I would be inclined to keep it the same.


In fact, there are very few reasons to change it. A brand name, at best, gives meaning to your brand. For example, Bakers Delight communicates “fresh”, however, other names are just a bucket within which to contain brand meaning – like Amazon.


It doesn’t mean anything but can mean everything. So don’t worry about your name having to mean something or be motivating in every market.


Furthermore, there are many practical reasons to keep your name the same around the world: It’s simpler; you get economies of scale; it’s significantly less complex; and you create a unified global company.


Still, it’s a nice problem to have!


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