What can I do to alleviate online security concerns for my customers?

What can I do to ensure that people don’t have any security concerns about buying from my site? My products require a large outlay and I want to reassure people that their details won’t be stolen and so on.


In the online world first impressions count, and quickly establishing trust is critical in a highly competitive marketplace.


For most eCommerce sites, approximately 70-80% of visitors are first time visitors, and quickly establishing trust in your site’s security and bona fides is essential, because quick decisions are made, and these visitors are just one click away from leaving your site.


So how can you alleviate any security concerns that buyers may have? Firstly, you should build your site around a solid security platform.


At Milan Direct we process our payments with eWay – Australia’s leading payment gateway.


Customers’ personal information is encrypted and securely processed and this protects our customers in the best possible manner.


The Milan Direct site has also been stamped with the VeriSign Trust Seal which reassures customers that they are dealing with a certified and trusted provider.


Additionally it is important to display trust elements in key positions on both the homepage and throughout the site, to lower the perceived risk of a transaction.


Trust elements include displaying such security icons as eWay, VeriSign and Paypal as well as order tracking, FAQ, contact us options (live chat is great!), customer reviews and testimonials.


Promoting awards and testimonials from reputable publications are also a great way to garner trust from customers, along with presenting your website in a clear and logical manner with well-defined categories.


At the end of the day, customers have to feel safe in handing over their hard earned money, especially online, and if you can tick off all of the above trust elements, you will go a long way in establishing trust in the eyes of your visitors and hopefully turning those new visitors into customers.


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