What deals work best at Christmas?

Will you be offering any special deals around Christmas? If so, what kinds of things work well, generally speaking?


The Christmas sales period is the peak time of year for all retailers, online and off, and so it’s important to capitalise on this key sales period of the year.


For online retailers, this is especially so, as the Christmas period last year was widely regarded as the breakout period for online retail, with the mass market jumping online, to realise the massive savings to be had.


At Milan Direct, during the Christmas period last year, we achieved a 70% increase in sales in Australia and a 50% increase in the UK. We expect similar results and growth again this year.


At Milan Direct, however, we strive to offer the best deals all year round and not only during the Christmas rush period. Yes, during the peak times, we will offer the best possible deals and take the lowest possible margins to thrive in this period, but the key focus should be on ensuring you have the right business model to allow for best prices all year round!


I am often very wary watching the big national bricks and mortar retailers, who twice a year have massive sales and discount their products by up to 90%. How does the customer who purchased one week before the sales start feel? A little ripped off?


It’s simply not good enough to offer great prices and deals during big sale periods once or twice a year. To be truly successful, work hard on your business model, run a lean supply chain and offer your customers fantastic deals right throughout the year!


Then when it comes time for the big Christmas rush, your customers will know that they can trust your brand and come direct to your business as you have the best prices 365 days a year.


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