What kind of qualities should I be looking for in a marketing person?

I’m looking to hire a marketing person for my start-up. What kind of qualities should I be looking for?


A great marketer is someone who can drive demand led growth throughout your business.


They are obsessed with creating profits for the business via giving the consumer things they like.


Therefore they’ll need to be, in equal parts, four things:


a) Entrepreneurial.

b) Creative.

c) Charismatic.

d) Humanistic.


Entrepreneurial: They need to want to make money, and take calculated risks to that aim. They need to be good with money, and treat it as if it was their own.


Creative: Marketing is about doing new things, keeping ideas fresh and constantly solving problems.


Charismatic: Marketers are agents of change. They need to take new ideas and concepts and be able to drive them through the business.


Humanistic: Marketing is about understanding people, what they want, and trying to genuinely deliver on their needs.


Finally, I’d want my marketer to have studied marketing at university (with a second degree in psychology) and be passionate about the industry.


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