What makes a great meeting space for potential clients?

What makes a great meeting space for potential clients? We are a relatively new business so want to create a good impression when people come in for meetings/pitches?


In the eyes of a potential client or customer, the care you take over a meeting could illustrate the care you take over service.


So rather than being peripheral, preparations like seating, catering and the room can be the difference between your company’s success and failure.


First impressions are especially important when you’re pitching for business.


Meeting in someone’s unused office or a coffee shop does not create the same impression as a room of the right size, in an impressive and convenient location, with good facilities.


How many meetings have you been to where an airless room has participants yawning throughout? Where the glare from a window gives you a headache or makes a screen illegible? Where there are continual interruptions as people check if the room is free?


If you don’t have such facilities available in your office, consider renting a professional meeting space.


They are often available by the day, half day or hour. Even if the other participants know the meeting rooms are not your own premises, it doesn’t matter.


Arranging the right meeting room demonstrates respect and efficiency; it’s a good subliminal message.


No matter what room you are using, think about what type and size is appropriate for your meeting type: boardroom, U-shape or classroom-type?


Should it be a cosy space for four or a big boardroom for 12?


Then think about extras. Hungry or thirsty participants are less attentive, so they may need tea, coffee and water, and possibly snacks or lunch as well.


Also, consider location and style – a fellow start-up company will have vastly different expectations to a large multinational.


However, no matter what size, a professional and well set-up meeting room environment will be key to your success.


If you don’t have your own space, there are a host of different professional meeting room providers who can help you no matter what your requirements.


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