What online payment platforms do you recommend?

What online payment platforms do you recommend? I’m looking to sell products in Australia and beyond.


When running an online retail store it is important to operate a payment platform that provides safety for your customers, as well as low transaction fees to ensure your business keeps its costs down.


In selling products in Australia and beyond, I highly recommend using eWay, which is Australia’s leading online payment gateway and our platform of choice at Milan Direct.


With eWay, your personal information is encrypted and securely processed without you leaving the security of our website.


This provides the ultimate in protection for our customers, which we value greatly, and goes a long way in cultivating trust in your brand and your website.


Another payment platform that cannot be ignored is PayPal, which has been reported to process a whopping $315.3 million in payments per day.


The transaction charges on PayPal are higher than eWay and other platforms, however the added protection it provides your customers cannot be ignored and for that reason at Milan Direct we offer PayPal as an option in checkout too.


Although yet to take off, Google Checkout is another platform to keep your eye on, which has recently been merged with the Google Wallet mobile payment service in Google’s efforts to gain a greater foothold in this market.


Google Wallet is similar to PayPal, in that it aims to save time for consumers and provide a simple and safe way to transact online.


Whichever payment platform you select to process payments on your eCommerce site, you simply must ensure that your customers’ details are protected at all times.


Giving your customers a range of ways to pay can be a great way to grow your business, as some people are more comfortable with specific platforms over others.


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