Would a web expert be willing to take equity instead of a wage?

I have started working on a project that could become a neat online business, however the website is crucial and I do not have the skills. Where can I find people with the skills, who will share in my dream, and will be happy to take equity instead of a wage as compensation?


Here are some methods you might want to consider to choose the best web development partner:

  • Work with a developer on a small project at first to test them and see how the two of you gel. Then offer them equity to do the bigger project if you think it will work. This will help you find the right person to work with.
  • Consider friends or past colleagues. Remember any technical person who talked about how they’re keen to break out of a 9-to-5 job and start up a venture? This person will be motivated and wants to make it work, otherwise they won’t eat. You might start off small, getting them to work on the project after hours and on weekends, then building it into a full-time gig when you’re ready.
  • Ask other entrepreneurs who found a technical partner how they did it. Entrepreneurs love to tell their story and a cup of caffeine can really get them started!


Where to find them?

  • http://webstandardsgroup.org: This is a melting pot of amazing developers who are up to speed on the latest ways to code beautifully and they’ll be able to crunch any technical problem you throw at them. It’s run by Russ Weakley who is one of the most knowledgeable and helpful guys in the web industry.
  • LinkedIn: This place is full of people who want to do something with their career. You could find a freelance web developer who is interested in receiving offers for ventures.


When you get to the point of choosing your web developer, I recommend reading my past post on what to look for when choosing a web developer.


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