Attend the AWS Resiliency and Chaos Engineering Online Series

AWS Resiliency and Chaos Engineering

Calling all developers, builders, IT pros and cloud enthusiasts — the AWS Resiliency and Chaos Engineering Online Series is coming soon on October 27 and 28, 2020 from 11:00am until 2:00pm AEST both days.

Register here where you’ll find the full agenda and all the details.

What will you learn at this event?

Chaos engineering is all about stress testing and attempting to break an application or system in a safe, controlled setting so you can identify vulnerabilities before your system is in a real-world environment. This provides additional confidence that your software will better withstand turbulent or unforeseen conditions once it is live. 

Attendees of this online event will learn how to build resilient applications using a combination of software and architectural patterns, operational models, and software deployment processes to build, deploy and operate successful applications.

You’ll hear from AWS’s leading experts and several AWS partners on how to reliably maintain and operate your infrastructure and services by revealing operational gaps and preventing regressions.

What are the main benefits of resiliency and chaos engineering?

  • Build safe and immutable architecture
  • Design resilient applications
  • Build confidence through chaos engineering
  • Operate successful businesses

Hear from Adrian Cockcroft, VP of Cloud Architecture Strategy at Amazon Web Services  

Expect to hear from multiple experts at the AWS Resiliency and Chaos Engineering online event. That means sessions about achieving operational excellence, design patterns for robust and resilient apps, and a dive into chaos engineering for serverless applications.

Be sure to catch the special keynote presentation from Adrian Cockcroft, VP cloud architecture strategy at Amazon Web Services. Adrian will present on the topic of ‘Falling over without falling over. As applications move online, and automation extends to control more of the world around us, software failures have an increasing impact on business outcomes and safety.

Adrian will explain how we can develop more resilient systems through shared responsibilities, with resilience architected application code and operability as one of the most important attributes of a resilient system.

Register today to join the event on October 27.

Register to learn the latest trends in resiliency and chaos engineering and equip yourself with insights to drive change and operational success. Whether you are beginning to build on AWS, or expanding your cloud practice, you will learn a lot about how to build, deploy, and operate successful applications at the AWS Resiliency and Chaos Engineering Online Series.

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