What digital transformation looks like for this SaaS business: Offer your clients more by simplifying your workload

Console chief product officer Matt McGown. Image supplied.

In today’s fast-paced business landscape, it’s a case of disrupting an industry — or being disrupted yourself.

The organisations leading this disruption have identified a niche to fill and a problem to solve: whether it’s in gaming, luggage, or even legal disputes. So how can businesses adopt a startup mindset, find a niche and embrace digital transformation? 

Meet Console, the SaaS business that’s been pioneering in the property management software space since 1992.

Their latest property management software, Console Cloud, empowers property managers by making complex processes simpler and more streamlined, offering end-to-end communications, trust accounting, owner management, and more. 

Does adding more technology create a better process? 

Console chief product officer Matt McGown says this all-in-one platform gives property managers more time to develop relationships. 

“We do all the heavy lifting for the property manager so they don’t have to do ‘busy work,’” McGown says. “It’s about radically increasing productivity so they can spend more time building relationships with landlords and tenants.”  

Like many successful SaaS products, one of Console Cloud’s many benefits is its ability to integrate with different applications to give users a single view of its property management portfolio. 

Console’s solution is not a new one — but over the last 27 years in market it has adapted to keep pace with industry change. Originally producing server-based technology solution, Console has since migrated its offerings to the cloud to deliver the next generation of property management software. 

With changes in the market reducing commissions, there’s pressure for property managers to manage more properties, more effectively. 

“If we don’t offer these software solutions our property management customers won’t be in business in ten years’ time,” McGown says. “Those who move to workflow-enabled software are the ones that are going to win in the future.” 

The role of technology in fixing your workflow 

In order to prove their value, property management agencies need to offer owners, buyers, sellers, landlords, and tenants a service tailored to their individual needs. But with a changing roster of clients, and a new range of tasks arising everyday, how can property managers stay afloat?

This is where an ideal workflow comes into play. 

Workflows help manage your time effectively. They simplify processes, remove redundancies, automate tasks, and distill information into easily digestible chunks.

The right workflow, supported by the right technology, removes – or at least reduces – any friction in your day-to-day role. 

This is what Console Cloud does for its users; with fewer barriers in between chasing a tenant in arrears, managing documents, triggering events and consolidating finance information, property managers are free to focus on their portfolio and delivering more value to their clients.

Professionals Lifestyle Realty commercial and residential business development manager Stephen Asker says: “What I love the most about Console Cloud is the workflows.  They are so smooth and quick. It really has made our job so much easier.” 

If you’re an Australian real estate agency that would like to learn how Console can help your agency do less, make more and grow more through powerful workflow automation visit www.console.com.au or call for an obligation free demo today on 1300 131 311


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