“The most unprecedented value on your advertising spend”: Distress Rate Media director Grant Allen’s marketing tips for COVID-19

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We all know things feel like the toughest we’ve ever experienced right now. Global pandemic, lockdown, even talk of a recession. The instinct to sit the next few months out may be overwhelming — and some of us have no option but to hibernate. But for those with the option, now is the time to roll up your sleeves and work on a recovery plan. This article will cover marketing tips for COVID-19 from the experts at Distress Rate Media (DRM).

“This market we are in is unlike anything our traders have ever seen”, says DRM general manager Sam Farrar.

“We are literally seeing campaigns go live at one tenth of the normal investment level.

“It’s an unbelievable opportunity for clients in a position to take some serious market share.”

Spending on advertising right now may seem counter-intuitive. But the fact is, we are seeing unprecedented levels of return on investment for those with the budget and hustle to nail down a good marketing plan.

You don’t need to put in much to see your investment go the distance.

“There just seems to be a small pocket of clever individuals that have worked out this is their game changer,” says Farrar.

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Think you can’t afford to advertise? Think again.

“The current economic climate is giving the successful people I’ve talked to recently two options,” says Distress Rate Media director Grant Allen.

“One, take on-board the enormous issue, stick our heads in the sand, shut down and wait. 

Or two, take on-board the enormous issue, stick our heads in the sand for a couple of weeks, and then work on a recovery plan.”

If you’re ready to start working on your recovery plan, here are some key considerations from Grant:

  1. Independent agencies are already presenting the best options to clients who are tired of burning money on the big agency merry-go-round of briefs, reverse briefs, profiling, data mining, buyer personas and a thousand different digital options. If you’ve ever considered partnering with an agency, think local and boutique. Right now, they are fighting hard for their clients.
  2. Major media owners are all launching strategies of how to better service the ‘independent agency’ sector that represent billions of advertising revenue dollars. Times are scary, but opportunity is out there.
  3. The real rise of the boutique agencies will start now. Now is the time that we will need to metaphorically sit side by side and help the people who keep them employed — and get their hands dirty.

Take on board these marketing tips for COVID-19 to shake up your marketing strategy mid-pandemic.

So what happens next?

“The short answer is nobody knows,” says Grant.

“What we do know is that life will return to a version of normal at some point over coming weeks, months or even years. While we can’t control that, we can control how we prepare for the repair.

“This preparation should include having your own content and assets ready to go.

What we also know is that we are about to see an abundance of value on what can be achieved on very small budgets.” 

Agencies and direct clients who know how to hustle, get down and dirty with trading and hammer the phones for a bargain, it’s your time to shine. But be smart about it. 

“Distress rate media trading isn’t new, but it’s going to run rampant,” advises Grant.

A key takeaway?

“Amplified and opportunistic media buying doesn’t need to be a disorganised scramble.

“Instead, having real conversations and sharing the challenges and preparing for battle will see us emerge far sooner.”

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